An Average Day

Quite a few people have been asking us if we are under way and if we are on the boat while working, so I thought I’d describe an average day so far on the trip.

We woke up this morning in Boynton Beach and our destination for today is West Palm Beach. So far, we have been doing all our traveling early in the morning, before work begins and before most people on the we even awake. While David was still getting out of bed (he’s not a morning person), I started to get ready for leaving.

Once David was up, he fired up the engines and got our navigation systems up and running. I threw off the lines, hopped on board, and then we were on our way. Once we cast off, I made breakfast. Mmm, toast.

It’s getting really hot here in FL and we cannot have our A/C on when under way. By the time we pulled into the dock here, it was already almost 90 degrees! (Later in the day it got up to 94!)

Once we were tied off, and plugged into power, we turned on the A/C and got to work.

Then I make lunch. Today was “italian” style pasta salad.

After work we unloaded the bikes from the boat and did an escape room. This was actually our 3rd escape room on the trip – we’re enthusiasts! We escaped with ~10 mins to spare. After the escape room, we biked to a nice restaurant for dinner, where we celebrated David’s birthday a day early and they gave us carrot cake for free and put birthday confetti on the table!

So – in summary, we woke up early, drove the boat to a new location. Did normal things like make and eat breakfast and lunch, worked for the day, then hung out in town for the evening.

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7 thoughts on “An Average Day”

  1. I’m getting a kick out of imagining a sheepish call to the bridge operator like “um, hi, could you please, um, let us go through the bridge please”

  2. What kind of monster would put jam on their toast before the butter????

    I like all the canvas print photos of the boat above your desk. That looks nice!

    1. Not a monster! It’s so good :). Up until we started planning for this trip we had no art or anything personal in the boat. I figured if we were going to be living on it for a year that we needed to make it a bit more home-y.

  3. Sitting here in pouring rain, and watching enviously! Tech questions: 1. Where in the boat are you storing the Dometic cooler? 2. how about the bikes? Folding I assume, but again, where do you store on board?

    1. We’re on a plane headed to DC right now, so I can get pictures when I get back, but I’ll give descriptions for now.

      Our 408 has the lower helm option. We hate the lower helm, and in fact have both removed both the seat for it, footrest, and grab bar, and put netting to retain storage in front of the entire lower windshield area. I keep being tempted to just remove the whole helm, but Hannah won’t let me, for resale value, which is probably correct, but it’s still annoying.

      The bikes are folding Mate X bikes, and if you ying-yang them just right, they both fit together in the space between the lower helm and the seat for it. You can just see one of the bikes poking out in this image:
      Bike poking out

      The Dometic cooler we’re putting in the same place that we’ve had our giant cooler for a couple years — on top of the big flat spot to the starboard side of the entryway to the salon, on top of the little storage nook over the sink. Fits perfectly there such that I ran the power into the screw-off panel access, down to the AC/DC power panels in the salon, and it has 4 M6 threaded receivers that I drilled holes into the surface there to hard-mount it to. You access it from the flybridge couch, as it folds up against the hardtop. I attached a little bungee cord to the hook on the forward-center of the hardtop which easily grabs the lid on the cooler to hold it open for you while you’re rummaging around, and the Dometic cooler has the nice added bonus of having built-in lights that turn on when you open the lid. It’s actually really great. I’m super pleased with how it came out.

      1. Great descriptions David! I can see the bikes peeking out, and can easily visualize the cooler on that platform. Thanks for the info!

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