Connecticut, Family, and Long Island Sound

For the Memorial Day weekend, we had made perfect timing to be able to spend it with David’s family in Rowayton, and we arrived there on Friday. On Saturday, we were welcomed by John and Joan and had a lovely dinner together at their local restaurant – which happened to be the first restaurant we ate at (outdoors) after the Covid quarantine. They were kind enough to give us the use of their car for the weekend to get back and forth between the yacht club where we moored and their house. On Sunday we did a big re-provision and visited Costco for the first time in a year! Sunday night, we headed to John and Joan’s house for dinner and, to our surprise, by David’s cousin Kevin who was in town for the weekend for a bachelor party and had decided to surprise his father for Father’s Day.

Brunch aboard Highwind

On Monday morning, we were joined by Paul and Nancy and all had a lovely brunch aboard Highwind! I made pancakes, waffles, and french toast – it was quite a feast.

With the weather forecast looking good for crossing the sound, we left Rowayton on the holiday Monday and headed towards Greenport, where we planned to meet up with Steve on his boat for the following weekend. As it turned out, he had also used the good weather for the weekend to bring his boat to the area, so on Tuesday after work we were invited to join him and his friends at the house they had rented for a barbecue dinner.

BaseCap Exec Team Boating

On Friday, with a somewhat light schedule on my part, we were joined in the afternoon by Steve, Lauren, their friends and daughter, plus Nick and his son Noah. Interspersed with a few work calls, we enjoyed the good weather and good company for happy hour before returning to land for dinner.

Group Dinner in Greenport

On Saturday, we pulled anchor and headed to Coecles Harbor on Shelter Island, where we were joined by Steve and Lauren on their boat (1 hour cruise for us, 15 min cruise for them!). It was a beautiful calm bay and very warm, so we enjoyed a swim from the boats and then we ate homemade sourdough pizza.

Lauren and Steve returned back to Greenport in the afternoon and David and I spent a lazy afternoon on the boat – me reading and him coding. A perfect day!

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