Thursday morning, we woke up early to do the 2-hour cruise from Great Kills to Brooklyn in order for me to arrive before work to head into the office for the day. While David napped, I took the helm and snapped these photos as we were approaching this recognizable skyline.

It's so nice to be able to visit like this - and fortunately we were able to get a gathering of 6 of us for the day in our office space. It makes a lovely change seeing people in person after hours and hours of zoom/teams calls :). As a special treat, Nick was puppy-sitting this amazingly well behaved floof for the day and we had him as our office-mate!

After dinner, we had a lovely happy hour drink and then I headed back to Brooklyn to meet up with David, Russ, and Jax for a Brooklyn pizza dinner.

It happened also to be June 1, the first day of Pride month, and the NY city skyline did not disappoint!

On Friday, I worked from the boat. Meanwhile, David, who had the day off, spent a lovely day in the city - walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, visiting the Cloisters and Chelsea Market.

After work, I headed in to the city to meet up with Russ, Jax, and David for a pre-dinner escape room. We then headed to Seamore's to meet up with Nick, whose very good friend is the manager there. We had an absolutely amazing dinner and a wonderful time hanging out! Such a wonderful time, in fact, that we forgot to take a photo :).

On Saturday morning, under cloudy skies, we headed out of the marina and started our way up the Hudson on the west side of Manhattan. This is only our second time going this direction (the first being the year we did the Loop). Last time, we did the Hudson quite quickly, but this year we intend to take our time and stop at a few more places.