After finishing work on Friday, we met up with Russ and Jax at a nearby brewery and another Endeavour-owning couple whose boat is named Bella Gato. After dinner back on the boat, I decided that I wanted (finally) to go and see the new Top Gun Maverick movie before we missed the opportunity to see it in a cinema. I found a late night showing at a movie theatre that was just over a mile away from the marina via Google Maps. As we were walking, we passed by a movie theatre that was much closer to the marina!! We are both big fans of the original movie and the new one was excellent - a great blend of gripping action, emotional notes, and call backs to the original.

Approach to Boston Harbor

When we returned to the marina, it was about midnight and there was a young couple with suitcases sitting outside the locked gate to the docks. They made as if to follow us through the gate, but noticed that we were somewhat uncomfortable with letting them in. I asked what was the problem and the guy told us that his dad was waiting for them on a sailboat and must have fallen asleep because he could not be reached by phone. We asked for the name and description of the sailboat and said that we'd go and knock on a window. The marina was HUGE and after about a quarter of a mile walk to the entire other side, we were actually able to locate the boat and wake up the father. We returned back to Highwind and let the couple in to the marina as we passed by the gate - they were very grateful to not have to spend the night outside!

Fireworks across from the marina

The next morning, we woke up early enough to be able to get to the farmers market in the middle of Boston. We were planning to host dinner on Highwind that night and with the company of vegetarians, I wanted to pick up an assortment of vegetables for a curry. Since we're really bad tourists, we forgot to take any photos, but the prices in the market were incredible!

We had an absolutely lovely dinner that included homemade Chunky Monkey ice-cream from Jax.

Crew of Highwind, InQuest, and Bella Gato

Every evening of the weekend, we were treated to (probably illegal) fireworks from the stern of Highwind across the harbor. These displays included huge fireworks that were essentially launched in quick succession - probably since they wanted to make a quick getaway. One evening, we noticed some debris on fire afterwards and watched them swiftly kick the flames into the water!

More fireworks from the marina

The following morning we walked with Russ and Jax to the USS Constitution Museum, where we were able to board the ship that was completed in 1797. It was quite busy, given that it was the holiday weekend, but most of the ship was open for exploration and it was very interesting to walk around.

In the afternoon, we introduced Russ and Jax to the amazingness of escape rooms. We enjoyed the first room so much and after chatting with the owner/game designer regarding our appreciation for the quality of the puzzles/storyline/build that we were convinced to do a second room!

In the evening we had a lovely Italian meal followed by cannolis and pastries from Modern Pastry. This was our opportunity to compare the cannolis against Mikes (these two pastry shops are across from one another and are apparently rivals for the best cannolis in the city), which we had eaten and fondly remembered from our last visit to Boston. The verdict is that Mikes is definitely the winner!!

For the holiday Monday, we didn't make too many plans. Jax invited me to join her for a mani-pedi in the morning and we had a fun girls-outing. We were re-joined by the boys for a walk to Bunker Hill to see the monument and managed to catch the tail end of a re-enactor discussing the events.

For the evening, we walked north to the marina where Bella Gato was moored which had a fantastic view of the official Boston firework display.

Boston Fireworks

All in all, it was a fantastic holiday weekend!