The next morning, we headed north a bit and dropped anchor just south of Fort Ticonderoga and rafted up with Russ and Jax on one side and some new friends Jamie and Trish on the other side! Though we had work, Jamie mentioned that they were planning to visit a Star Trek museum the next day. I managed to free up a little space on my work calendar, so later in the afternoon we dingy'ed ashore via a jungle-like river into town.

The museum turned out to be an exact reproduction (and I mean exact!) of the original sets for The Original Series. It was very cool and we learned quite a bit about the creativity of the props and set departments and also how William Shatner enthusiastically interacts (aka breaks) everything whenever he visits the museum!

We returned to the boat and I finished out the work day, then built the pole up on the boat and tried out some new combos.

I managed to convince David to get out the drone to get some shots as well!

The next day, I had a string of back to back meetings, but David had some open time in the morning, so he and and the rest of our group went ashore one more time to visit the fort.

The next day we headed to a bay just outside the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum that is run by Basin Harbor Resort. We arrived on a work day, so for us it was picking up a mooring and then head inside for a day of working, and then went in for happy hour and dinner at the resort in the evening. This was my first time in the state of Vermont! As a happy coincidence, a former colleague of mine happened to be in the area on holiday with his family and drove out to join us for the evening!

On Saturday morning, we woke up early and went ashore to the Maritime Museum, which was very interesting and had some actual artifacts rescued from wrecks on Lake Champlain from the Revolutionary War. We then headed back to the boats and cast off towards Burlington where we had decided to spend the weekend. Once attached to a mooring we headed into town to try out some local breweries (and a distillery and a cider-maker), but unfortunately were un-wowed by all 4 places - quite surprising! We did however do an escape room, which was pretty good.

The next morning, we went back to shore and got mani pedis in a big group (only Russ was missing!) and went to a couple more breweries, which were much better! We even used the local bus system, which was completely free.

After Burlington we headed to an anchorage north of Valcour Island to find shelter from some incoming wind. Russ and Jax tied alongside and an uneventful workday passed.

Next, we headed north towards the Canadian border and tied to a mooring in Gaines Point. Our plan was to fill up with diesel at "good" US prices and we hope to avoid needing to get fuel while in Canada. I ordered an Instacart delivery and David received some packages, but there was otherwise not much else to do here, so we mostly remained on the boat.

Friday would be Canada Day, so we decided that we would head to the customs dock (a 10 min cruise north) early in the morning to be there when it opened. We are ready for our Canadian Adventure!