Our next fixed destination was Boston for the end of the week, where we'd be flying out once again for another wedding. We had planned to take most of the week to get there, but decided instead to make the trip in only two hops, which put us in Boston a few days early. We were staying on a mooring with a marina in a different part of Boston, which was actually much more convenient for walking into town. Russ and Jax also happened to be in town, so we met up with them at a brewery and of course, did an escape room.

We also managed, after a couple of aborted attempts due to long lines, to visit Mike's Pastry for some of their famed cannolis. We made sure to send a photo to Anna and Aaron, who recommended this place to us 2 years ago when we were in Boston the first time, just to make them jealous! :)

Our flight out to Cleveland for the wedding was uneventful and we arrived on Friday morning. I holed up in our bedroom in the Airbnb for the work day, while David drove out with some of his friends to the wedding site to help construct a giant trebuchet. We were invited to a Friday night wedding event at a local bar that had bocce lanes. The bride was another of David's Reed friends, so I had already met a few of the guests and we had a good evening catching up.

The next day, I headed over to the wedding site early with David. He and the boys would be completing the trebuchet construction while I assisted with with other setup. The wedding site was on the Groom's family farm located in the heart of Amish country outside of the city. David managed to fly his drone into a tree, wrecking it, trying to take some video, so that will be out of commission for a while.

While helping to arrange the flowers (a DIY project), one of the neighbors, a lovely Amish girl offered to help. As it turned out, she was a professional florist! She instructed us as best she could, but as I pointed out to some friends later, if you looked closely you could tell which were the bouquets I had done, and which were the ones she had done!!

The ceremony was very simple (they'd actually already gotten married during Covid after postponing the event several times over the past 2 years!) and the evening was extremely fun. The trebuchet successfully launched many watermelons.

We returned to the boat early on Sunday morning and immediately headed out of Boston, where we would be working our way towards Newport to meet Matthew for the next weekend. We spent most of our week on anchor, spending low key nights on the boat after working. Towards the end of the week, we arrived in Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA, along with Russ and Jax. This bay is aptly named as it is the resting place of several battleships and a submarine - all now museums. We tied up to a mooring about 100ft from these impressive ships - so cool!

The museum opened early enough that David and I were able to visit for an hour or so before heading back to the boat for the rest of the work day. We were there so early in fact that they hadn't yet turned the lights on, so we toured the ship using our phone flashlights while we waited for the power to turn on. Spooky! Russ and Jax stayed on land to run some errands in town and then we met up with them later in the evening for dinner on land. This was a great stop before we headed to Newport for Labor Day weekend.