The day after we arrived in Quebec City we were joined by our friend Alex, visiting us from Florida. For the evening, we had been invited by Jamie on No Rush for an evening cruise to view a waterfall just south of the city, so we ate a quick dinner after work and headed over to their boat. It was a lovely evening for a cruise and we enjoyed beautiful views and good company all through sunset.

The next day, we hosted a huge potlock with the three of us, Russ, Jax, Jamie, Trish and a couple of their friends too. Luckily our fly bridge table can fit a large party and we had a wonderful time.

The next night we had booked an escape room. Alex was feeling a bit tired after doing a ton of solo-touring through the city while David and I were working, so he wasn't able to join us, but we did manage to escape. I had been told that it was bi-lingual, but our first clue that we found was in only french. I was able to translate it well enough to help us solve the clue! (Just as they were bringing us the English version after realizing it was not provided to us).

We escaped!

Finally it was the weekend and we started off with a walking tour of the city. We learned a ton about the history of the city and got to see some amazing views wandering all around old and lower town.

We stopped for lunch in an instagram-worthy street with some umbrella street art.

After lunch we walked up the hill again to the fort for some more amazing views.

Later in the evening we had made reservations for a fancy dinner, so we arrived back to the boat very sweaty from the hot day and showered and got fancy and headed out for a fantastic dinner! Of course I failed to take any photos of us looking fancy or dinner, ooops!

On Sunday, the weather was supposed to be a complete downpour so we had not made any plans. Of course, the weather turned out to be ok, but after our extremely busy day on Saturday we were glad for a low-key day hanging out on the boat with Alex and playing some board games while David did a few boat projects, of course!