Our visit to Seattle was only a few days, just for a work event for David, so we didn't have much chance to see people while we were there. Coincidentally Mum and Dad were in the city living on their new boat on Lake Union while it was being shown in the Seattle Boat Show. Since I work on east coast time while we're in Seattle, I was able to take one afternoon to visit with them and finally was able to see English Rose!

David and I had decided not to extend our visit to Seattle into the weekend because the weather was looking good for the weekend and we thought that there would be a chance to be able to do the New Jersey coast and Delaware River portion of the cruise south - the only required exposed open-ocean section, which really requires a 2-day weather window (when we are going slow to conserve diesel!). We took a red-eye out of Seattle late on Friday evening and landed back in New Jersey early Saturday morning. We dinghied back to the boat and essentially immediately cast off from the mooring.

The weather was predicted to turn later on Sunday, so we were glad for the plans we had made. The weather remained good on Saturday and our cruise down the New Jersey coast was uneventful, which is exactly how you want it to be!

We made good time, and with weather predicted to turn south later in the day (and into Sunday), we decided to keep going as far up the Delaware as possible rather than stop in Cape May for the night. We pulled into our anchorage just after sunset, and completed setting the anchor minutes before last light. After a quick dinner, we went straight to bed, completely exhausted!

Having gotten so far up the Delaware the night before, we were able to get a bit of a later start on Sunday and completed our cruise up the Delaware and through the C&D canal, arriving at Baltimore just before dinner time. We arrived on fumes, both tanks showing 0% as we pulled into the fuel dock. Our injection pump issues are getting worse, and so even our hull speed fuel usage was significantly higher than it should have been, and all of our usual fuel math with safe margin is no longer applicable. We're hoping to get this repaired while we're in the Baltimore area for a while.

We had made arrangements to stay at Baltimore for the next several weeks - to complete some boat projects, hang out with a bunch of other Endeavour owners who also happen to be here as well, and have a safe place to leave Highwind as we do some additional work travel. It has been lovely to be in one place - where I can do in-person grocery shopping and we can actually get to know the area! I even found a local pole studio and have been able to take several classes there!

One of the major projects that we have done while here is to replace the gas stove with an induction stove. I love cooking on gas, but it is safer not to have propane running through the interior of the boat and with the power system on the boat, I do not have to generate just to use the electric stove. It has been quite an adventure replacing my pots and pans with an induction-compatible set that doesn't buzz. I also gave David a haircut - although I realized that he could just as easily have found a professional on land!

There are quite a few power cats at the marina, and a large number of them are Endeavours. We organized a potluck one evening with everyone who was in town and then listened to the live music that they have on the dock here every Saturday night.

On the weekend, we decided to visit the old ships museum with Russ and Jax, where we were able to tour a Coast Guard vessel (the last floating ship to have survived the attack on Pearl Harbor), a submarine, and a tall ship. Each ship was almost fully open and the exhibits within were really well done.

We visited a local brewery, Ministry of Brewing, with Russ and Jax that is in a renovated church.

Of course we also checked out a local escape room with Russ and Jax and escaped with plenty of time to spare!

The weather here has been progressively getting worse and colder, and we've had several days of rain, which are the remnants of Hurricane Ian passing over us. We've been watching news of the devastation in Florida - several marinas that were destroyed were ones we visited while we cruised down the west coast of Florida completing our loop.

Jan and Jim joined us for a Sunday afternoon, where we ate lunch at what accidentally turned out to be a sports bar in the middle of a Baltimore Ravens game! Everyone here is serious about their football :). We then enjoyed an afternoon catching up on the boat, drinking hot drinks and avoiding the cold weather!