We spent the week (Sunday evening through Friday morning) working and hanging out in Oswego. Our memory was that it was a cute tourist town, from the couple days we spent here on our loop. It turned out to be a little sleepier than we remembered, which is interesting given that we last visited just as things were starting to emerge from the COVID cocoon.

We went to get dinner our first night (Sunday), and found that almost all the restaurants were closed. So we went to one place, stood in line for 30 minutes that only seated 4 people during the process, without any ETA to anyone else in line, and eventually left and went to another place down the street where we got the last table. But I guess when only 3 restaurants are open, they stay busy. Maybe that's a signal to the other businesses...

We had busy work weeks, and the weather was raining on and off all week. Russ and Jax made the crossing on Tuesday, which turned out to be the expected levels of much-less-exciting than our Sunday crossing.

Wednesday, we got second place (by half a question's points) at trivia night (run by a local old woman) at a super-chill basement bar, clutching up on the "video game history" round, earning us 10$ credit at the bar. So, Thursday night, we all came back and spent our 10$ (and more) on more beer, winning our game of Hanabi on the very last card to cap off the evening.

We did the fort the last time we were here, and it was fun then, but not super re-visit-able, so we didn't bother this time. All in all, decent food and beer options, with the fort, but not a ton to do otherwise. Still a perfectly fun place to be stuck for a few days waiting for a crossing or for the Oswego to re-open after a storm!