Oswego Canal and Brewerton

We arrived in Oswego a day ahead of Russ and Jax and tied up against the free wall in the city. With both of us needing some engine work done, Russ recommended a ship yard along the Erie Canal where they had had some work done before with a good experience (a rare thing!), so we had called and managed to make arrangements for both of us to stop there. In addition, David had an upcoming trip to Seattle for work, so we managed to coordinate this to be at the same time.

Given the scheduling, we spent a few days in Oswego where we found a local brewery that was excellent and had a night of trivia where we dominated until the last round when we ended up coming in second place. I enjoyed several runs up and down the canal and even managed to convince David to start running with me! (We’re registered for a 5k in Key West in October, so that might have been incentive too).

We took only a day to travel the Oswego Canal, but did make a stop in Phoenix to check out a local brewery/distillery that we had skipped when heading north 2 years ago.

Our arrival at Ess-Kay Shipyard in Brewerton was uneventful and the next day we woke up extremely early to head to the airport Seattle bound. As usual, we had a packed week with family and friend visits and I also managed to squeeze in a pole class as well.

While we were gone, Russ and Jax kept an eye on the mechanic doing work on our engines and we were finally able to get the injection pumps replaced – halleluja! Russ and Jax even took our boat out for a test drive as well! Unfortunately, there were some concerning sounds and they weren’t seeing the performance improvements we expected, so it was determined that we needed to remove and send off our injectors to be rebuilt once more.

The weekend we arrived back in Brewerton was Memorial Day weekend, and we’d planned a small trip to the Finger Lakes wine region with Russ and Jax. They had rented a car and were kind enough to pick us up from the airport! The next morning we set out for Seneca Falls. We’d organized a wine tour for Saturday and were picked up by our driver at our hotel. We enjoyed a lovely day wine tasting at several different locations, some with excellent views of the lake(s).

On Sunday, we did a self-guided brewery tour were we had a range of beer from good to bad and some interesting ones in between!

On Monday we returned to Syracuse where we had found an escape room, which turned out to be in enormous amusement mall that had go-karting, several escape room places, and lots of other activities. We even ended up returning later in the week to go-kart!

While we were still stuck in Brewerton waiting for our injectors to be returned, Russ and Jax decided to head out and continue down the Erie. We remained in Brewerton for another week, which was pretty quiet given that the ship yard was in the middle of nowhere! I did a lot of running and managed to get the pole out as well, just before the weather started turning really cold.

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