Seattle, A Wedding, and Covid Strikes

We flew back to Seattle, arriving on a Sunday, and settled in for a standard Seattle visit where we organized evenings catching up with various friends. I even managed to get in one class at Divine! David had a work offsite for a few of the days. This was all gearing up for a busy weekend filled with wedding events. Since it was the wedding of our usual hosts, Brent and Elizabeth, this time we stayed with Brent and Mary and their daughter Ember.

Because my work meeting schedule tends to be very busy, and I’m not great at planning ahead, when we’re in Seattle, I usually work east coast hours so as to not disrupt my team, which means early mornings and long days for me! I was glad for the weekend to arrive!

On Friday afternoon, David had the day off and I signed off around the end of the day EST and we headed with Brent and Mary to a nail salon for mani-pedis. David even joined in, and chose a lovely midnight blue for his toes! On Saturday morning, I went to join the girls getting ready at Elizabeth’s and got a fancy up do!

We arrived early at the venue with the rest of the family to help with the final preparations for the ceremony. David, who had just finished his speech the night before started getting nervous, but he did an amazing job and wrote a lovely, funny, and heartfelt speech. It was a lovely ceremony.

Matthew had been invited to the wedding, and it was lovely to be able to spend the evening with him. The venue was a whiskey distillery in south downtown and the couple were married by David at the end of the barrel room. It was a beautiful location! After the ceremony, a long table was set up down the length of the room for dinner.

On Sunday David and I picked up some pastries for a brunch event, which was followed by ice-skating (Brent and Elizabeth met playing ice hockey). The couple had an extremely cute photo shoot dressed in their wedding finery on the ice. Elizabeth’s dress hung over her ice skates so it looked like she was just floating magically along. David had muscle memory from skating when he was younger and we had a lovely time on the ice! (Thanks Brent and Elizabeth’s wedding photographer for the photos of us!)

In the evening, there was an immediate family dinner event on a heated outdoor patio. Another lovely evening!

Sunday Family Dinner

We travelled home on Monday, which took the entire day and had decided to spend the next day at the marina – primarily due to the fact that they had several packages for us, and the office would be closed when we returned!

Unfortunately, the next morning, I awoke with a sore throat that didn’t go away. After a couple of hours, I decided to take a covid test. The result was negative and I was relieved – it must just be a cold from working long hours, lack of sleep due to pre-6am wake-ups all week, and a super busy wedding weekend. The next day, I was feeling a bit worse, but still like a mild cold. In the afternoon, I heard that someone at the wedding had tested negative on Monday, but tested positive today. I decided to take another test and wa-wa…it was positive. After two years of avoiding the plague, it had finally arrived on Highwind.

You will always remember this as the day you brought the plague to Highwind

That night I moved into our spare bedroom and all week we’ve tried to avoid each other as much as possible. It is now the weekend and David has had a sore throat all week, but is still testing negative, so we are hoping that he has been spared for now. Luckily my symptoms have been mild and I’m definitely on the upward swing right now. Unfortunately, next week I will miss a leadership offsite planning session with my company.

We’ve been mostly on anchor and I will continue to quarantine on the boat until it is safe for me to be around others. On that note, I’ll close off this post with last night’s evolution of a sunset from our anchorage.

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